Friendly, Fun atmosphere with the best value around.  Ski and snowboard runs for all skill levels.  Outstanding snow making and grooming.  Just 30 minutes NW of Milwaukee, 5 miles north of West Bend with freeway access.  Commitment to customer satisfaction with a focus on safety, fun & learning.  Not just for skiing and snowboarding but we have the LARGEST tubing park in the World!  For all these reasons, we think Sunburst is special.

Sunburst! Pure Fun!

Sunburst Trail Map



Skiers and riders should be advised that the GREEN CIRCLE, BLUE SQUARE and BLACK DIAMOND are ratings relative for Sunburst only and not the same as other areas.  Chairlifts do not service beginner terrain.


  • Always stay in control
  • People ahead of you have the right of way
  • Stop in a safe place for you and others
  • Whenever starting downhill or merging,  look uphill and yield
  • Use devices to help prevent runaway  equipment
  • Observe signs and warnings, and keep off  closed trails
  • Know how to use the lifts safely

Refer to the National Ski Area Association SAFETY SECTION for more


MAKE A PLAN: Every time you use freestyle terrain, make a plan for each feature you want to use. Your speed, approach and take off will directly affect your maneuver and landing.

LOOK BEFORE YOU LEAP: Scope around the jumps first, not over them. Know your landings are clear and clear yourself out of the landing area.

EASY STYLE IT: Start small and work your way up. (Inverted aerials not recommended).

RESPECT GETS RESPECT: From the lift line through the park.

Drone Policy

Sunburst Winter Sports Park Drone Policy

Out of safety concerns for guests, employees, and resort property, as well as concerns for individual privacy, Sunburst Ski Area prohibits the operation or use of unmanned aerial systems, or drones, by the general public – including recreational users and hobbyists – without the prior written authorization from the Resort.  This prohibition includes drones used for filming or videotaping, as well as any drone use by media or journalists operating above or within Sunburst Ski Area boundaries.  This prohibition on drone operations or use extends to any drones launched or operated from Resort property, as well as drones launched from private property outside of the Resort boundaries.  Please contact a resort representative at 262-626-8404, if you have any questions or if you seek prior authorization to operate any aerial drones.  Any authorized operation of aerial drones may be governed by Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) rules and regulations, local law enforcement, [and / or U.S. Forest Service rules], as well as those policies separately established by this Resort, which may include certification, training, insurance coverage, indemnification requirements, and waivers or releases of liability.  Any violation of this policy may involve suspension of your skiing or snowboarding privileges, or the revocation of your season pass, as well as confiscation of any drone equipment, and may subject violators to any damages, including, but not limited to, damages for violations of privacy and/or physical or personal injuries or property damage, as well as regulatory fines and legal fees.